CACAO BEACH CLUB fires the shots and starts the new summer season on 8th and 9th of June. 10 Artists would head the two events!

Opened back in 2003, the 15 years old club fast transforms itself into a party location, bringing the electronic music to the seaside of Bulgaria. The location is Sunny Beach, once popular among the Bulgarian citizens as the most elite resort and bohemian lifestyle, now popular within the youth with its nightlife, more wild and open behaviour and most of all having fun. Located 20 meters from the sea of the Southern beach of the resort, the club gains so much fame among the years that the coastline itself gets its name – CACAO BEACH. Wide open and with a great sea view, the club offers its customers an unending expanse in front of them, bringing the summer breeze and the feeling of freedom! CACAO BEACH bows the music god and no other, the rhythm is spreading like a virus, the days are long and are an overture of the sleepless, and heated nights, while the sunrise is ascending from the crystalline horizon of the sea and concludes the epic journey throughout the dark. The club has been in TOP 100 of DJ MAG for several years, showing its class to the electronic music fans. CACAO BEACH is a place, where many of the biggest and most renown artists from the world’s EDM stage presents their music, while the amazing sound and lighting systems are embracing the dancefloor in a warm party atmosphere. Aside from the international DJ guests, every summer the club is showing many new and promising Bulgarian performers and musicians, which fill the rainbow to its full colour.


The most frequently attended club on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast – CACAO BEACH, opens its doors once again for the summer season 2018. Two tremendous music events would give a start to the new summer vibes in one weekend. The club offers various styles and international interpretations of the music styles. On 8th of June, the crowd would be raving all night on a Techno music, while on the 9th of June, the music would be more moderate and let the people dance under the House music and its passionate kinky vibes. The artists heading the 2018 season are: ANNA, Chus & Caballos, Citizen Kain, Kaiser Souzai, Diass, Deso and Pacho & Pepo.


The first night would greet four artists, one of them being the resident of the Yalta Club (62 in TOP 100 of DJ MAG) – Diass. Fan of the groovy rhythms and the head-spinning vocals, he would bring a great atmosphere to the night. Scheduled after him is ANNA, the girl with one of the biggest fame jump in 2017 in the world of the Techno music. Third on the stage is playing the talented, French performer Citizen Kain. The owner of the label Neverending has two parties in Bulgaria this year, both of them being exactly at CACAO BEACH. Last for the evening and bringing the sunrise with them are the duo Kaiser Souzai.


The second night would bring once again positive emotions and the artists Deso, Pacho & Pepo will lift every single cell full of life in your body! The three of them are with more than 20 years of experience, having numerous events in Bulgaria and Europe. The headline for this Saturday evening are Chus & Caballos, the most anticipated artists for the opening season.

Promo tickets for the events could be found on Single event - 15 BGN, both events 24 BGN. For more info check the official Facebook page or the main website.