MusicRow pres. GIVE NELLY A HAND

MusicRow pres. GIVE NELLY A HAND - 18 hours Day & Night Electronic Music

MusicRow is one of the newest companies organising musical events in Bulgaria. With origins from Sofia, the music organisation is directed by young, artistic and creative connoisseur of the global electronic music. Embraced by the different sounding of the electronic music, MusicRow mainly presents Techno and Tech-House in their repertoire. “For us these are not only music styles, but a culture and a way of life. Our goal is to justify the desires of all underground fans with an outstanding organisation and top-quality music! We intend to organise series of unique electronic music events at different locations.” – say the guys from MusicRow! Each of their parties is original and thematic, leaving a hot impression to the energetic, night ravers. Their laws and rules are not different on their next party. MusicRow pres. “GIVE NELLY A HAND” 18h Day & Night Party is a fundraising music event, organised in cooperation between MusicRow and Mirafiori Team. The honourable cause is in help of Nelly, a young, little girl in need of an operation. The horizon is clear, aside from the financing, which isn’t affordable for the family at this current moment. Many people are trying to do fundraising and MusicRow are expressing themselves and the cause in the best way they can – by organising another shaking the ground music event, proving that being part of a community they have built themselves is taking much more responsibilities and that they are narrators of their own, knowing how to uplift the people they are playing on live for. Devoted to help people in need, being that the hungry for music sensations crowd or a little girl, fighting for a better life!

The event would last 18 hours, starting at 13:00 on May, 12th and running through the night, till sunrise at 07:00 on May, 13th.

ENTRANCE: 10 BGN with all donations going for the cause.


Mirafiori Garden (Day)

Mirafiori Club (Night)



Peter Petkov DJ

Alessio Bianchi DJ

Goofy DJ




Emiliyan Ivanov


Дарителска сметка: Банка ДСК

Анелия Юлиянова Витанова

IBAN: BG63STSA93000022302942