Nightlife Guide Of Electronic Sofia II


Ever felt like leaving the urbanization, the dusty buildings, halls and clubs? Sofia is exactly that, but beyond it are all the nature beauties, taking your last breath, starting with the amazing landscapes of the night and finishing at noon the next day, when the party is at its end! As much as the surrounding nature of Sofia is good for picnics, it is as good for a top level electronic party. Pancharevo Lake is located near Sofia and is a host of many fishermen, picnic lovers, as well as ravers. During the summer the lake is overflowing with activities and some of them are major electronic events. Despite the fish being against the strong bass, the communities of musicians and art performers are building magnificent experience at that time of the year.

Image by Ivan Makovski

The diversity of events during the summer is rich and if you are not going away from the city or you are coming to the city, do not miss the D&B festivals. Somehow the Bulgarian nature predispose to this faster rhythm! Ivan Shopov being one of the most known Bulgarian D&B performers and he is often part of the big and magnificent events of this genre. He is also doing the most valued by us, with the music... to implement the national music cultures, customs and traditions and giving this spark to the people, energizing them emotionally throughout the whole night!

Image by Sketches of Sofia

Anywhere from Sofia you can see the magnificent and full of history Vitosha Mountain, yet from the lake, the view is the best. If you are lazy to go by foot to the top, you can take the lift or reach the halfway by car. Except being a great winter resort, Vitosha is one of the best places to escape the city and have few days with friends, a tent and great music during the hot time of the year! Some festivals are continuing for few days and you might need to be prepared. Being one of the best in Bulgaria, options for a party at the mountains, Vitosha is not our favourite and is not as magical as any of the other mountains, but it is a great alternative, convenient due to its nearby location to the capital.

Image by Mila Drumeva

If by a chance you are reading this from "Sunny Beach Resort" by the Black Sea, you are missing the capital of the music culture - Sofia! It is true, that the big clubs are moving their events alongside the Black Sea coast, yet if you are not a sea lover, but prefer to be at the mountains or at a great urban atmosphere, look 400km. to the west and stop... Stop by Sofia and have a great time, you would not forget!

Image by Broken Balkanz