Nightlife Guide Of Electronic Sofia

Chapter I - SOFIA

Unlike many other destinations around the world there is no season for a party in Sofia. Here are none “Golden Sands” or “Sunny Beach”, but that means that you can always find a party throughout the whole year. It also means that if you want to visit the Sofia City Centre you would be stuck in a big traffic jam, probably would not find a parking spot, but once you arrive at the destination you can chill yourself with world class music and drinks costing you not more than €3-4 each. On the other hand you can just take the most comfy metro, subway, underground, or call it however you want and be anywhere around Sofia in no time.

Image by Aleksandar Kostov

Sofia City Centre is home of many luxurious clubs, several more, industrial like clubs and countless bars with high quality service. The most renown club around is YALTA (in TOP 100 at DJMAG), the producers and organisers of SOLAR events. Venues like YALTA, Carrusel, Terminal 1, Bedroom, Bar “Petak” and other central party locations are seasonal and are holding their summer events along the Black Sea coast, but that does not leave the capital abandoned and neglected from having awesome parties around it. During the hot season various, less known events are popping up at the capital and around it, enabling the youth generation and innovators to shine at the underground urban stage. From mid-September till late May, Sofia flourish with electronic music events organised by the best of the branch. At least you can always count on Vitosha Street, for having a great evening out at any given time of the year. It ain't seasonal!!! Several main streets at Sofia are planned to be converted into car free zones in the next few years and become another competition at the nightlife culture of the city.

Image by Denimira Borisova

As the city is expanding, so is the Sofia City Centre. Around it are located the Industrial Zones and after them are The Suburbs. Beyond the city are the plains and forests, mountains and lakes, rivers and meadows, ideal for summer time, open air festivals. The closer to the mountain, the more luxury you can see around, less club parties and more "under the stars" sessions. Industrial halls, old abandoned factories, luxurious restaurants, party clubs and panoramic bars are embracing the central region of the city. If you feel like going to a tranquil place to spend your evening out, you may get closer to the mountain, at places like The View, Hotel Marienela or other rooftops with a great opening towards Vitosha Mountain. If you are feeling like diving yourself into the urban culture of the night time electronic music, look no further than locations, such as Fabrica 126, FIVE HIGH Skate Park and District Warehouse. Many functional and abandoned swimming pools are hosts of tremendous music events.

Night view at Fabrica 126

The venues in Sofia with the biggest festive capacity are Arena Armeec, Inter Expo Center and Festivalna Hall, being hosts of numerous events, with popularity of over 10 000 party people. World legends, such as Carl Cox, Solomun, Dubfire, Paco Osuna, Mark Knight, Fedde Le Grand, Armin Van Buuren, Victor Calderone, Paul van Dyk, Danny Avila and many others lifted the crowd countless times at either of the two major events at the capital - SOLAR and METROPOLIS! Some of the biggest electronic music events happens annually and take place exactly here in Sofia. You should attend a party like this at least once in your lifetime!