★INOVA★ the EDM chameleon releases a new track on May, 12th!!!

★INOVA★ is one of the many young and ambitious EDM producers around the world. But what is inspiring with him is that he is a self-taught artist, not advancing on a specific sub-genre of the electronic music. His open minded Dutch heart and mind are equally loving the EDM music in general. ★INOVA★ is a name that is circulating the music space since early 2017 and managed to pierce through to the top, being one of the most anticipated rising producer up to date! Young and fearsome with his passion for music, he is producing masterpieces from Trap, Future Bounce, House and its variations, D&B and others. The lack of a specification in a sub-genre is a great opportunity to build a great community, being close to more people and affecting their musical choices in life!


With starting his career at age of 11, ★INOVA★ did experimented with his own music mostly, being inspired from his own work and some of the back then hits on the main electronic stage. Looking back to his faults, he is now a young and successful producer, valued and exposed on SoundCloud and YouTube by millions of viewers! Being humble with himself, he is releasing his next track on May, 12th. “My plan is to release every month!” – says ★INOVA★, and that speaks to itself that he ain’t that humble as he thinks he is. And if you ever doubted in him, just stay wake on the release date, he would prove you wrong for sure.