ON THE ROW: Alessio Bianchi

Alessio Bianchi - The last artist review from this chapter. Turning on a new page and level with MusicRow!!!

With a slight sadness, but mostly with good emotions we utter this last issue of the MusicRow’s DJs. ON THE ROW is Alessio Bianchi. Born in Bourgas in 1994 on 4th of September, as a youngster he moved to Ancona, Italy, together with his family. Aside from the numerous famous beaches and golden sands alongside the coast of the Adriatic Sea and its azure blue waters, Ancona is the root of the Bianchi family and a hometown of Alessio’s father - Adrio Bianchi. Inspired by his father who was once a DJ, Alessio and his sparkling gaze of a young kid decides to follow his footsteps and develops a career as a House Music DJ. CUSTOM° is definitely glad that he did not wanted to be a chef, fireman or prince on a white horse, who has its destiny to save a princess or few from the dragon, guarding the tower. And this right choice for him could be seen nowadays on his memorable events and music productions!


As many good DJs started their career, Alessio did as well mixed in private with his friends on various occasions. At age of 14, Alessio joins a DJ organisation and makes his first professional steps at few renown clubs like Green Leaves, Sui Club, Pascià. “Being that young and to be able to lead a party from start to the end was an experience I would not get anymore at this age. People rely on the DJ and when I was playing, I was seeing the crowd having a good time.” says Bianchi. After 4 years of Italian music romance along the Adriatic Sea coast, Alessio comes back to Bulgaria leaving the DJ-ing behind his back for a while. Some people do believe in love on first sight, guess he did believed in love on his first music vibe, because shortly after the past experience with the House and desires for it, it chases him fast and drags him back to the alternative reality of music. This time influenced by the preferences of the Bulgarian electronic stage, he is going for the Tech-House rhythms and its slightly harder motives and sounding.

Being the newest resident DJ of the successful MusicRow organisation, Alessio has been behind the decks together with big names like Miguel Bastida, Alvaro AM, Marco C and many others. Despite rarely having any solo event projects for each of the MusicRow’s DJs in the past, we from CUSTOM x MAG see the love and the passion among these young guys this summer season, each shining in his own direction. Beach Bar Musai (Sunny Beach), Culture Beat Club (Sofia), Mirafiori Club (Sofia), Butterfly (Sinemorets), Dance Club Lazur (Sunny Beach) are only few of the venues the guys from MusicRow has been on location! Alessio is also the first among his fellow DJs to produce music that often. Despite he does not have own label, Binachi produce tracks for various famous other labels. With nearly ten tracks on the list, for the excessive short amount of time of less than half a year, Alessio is a common name on the wall of labels such as: Datagroove, KlapHouse, Snake Beat Records, Sweet Milk Records, Monkey Stereo Records and few smaller others. Open as a person and open for collaborations with other musicians, working in his studio hard and producing magnificent events together with his friends – this is Alessio Bianchi. Do not miss to support him on the social media and he would not disappoint you with his future projects! You know what people say – “Give away and will be given back!”

Despite this being the last review of a resident DJ of MusicRow, CUSTOM x MAG would keep track on this young performers and would inform you for their memorable events. New chapter begins…