BOBE - lurking in the shadows of the good electronic music!

If Borislav Pavlov does not bring you any thrills and memories as a stage music performer, then you might heard of him as BOBE! He is a young musician from Sofia, Bulgaria, friend of the acoustic guitar and of the DJ set up. Closer to the Trance, House and Techno, he manages to find the symbiosis between those main genres and do the thing that only few could do – mix them in a perfect harmony, without making the line in the sand obvious to the listeners. “Nowadays, the things are too fuzzy, to name with precision the genres is too complicated, since every artist of the millions around the world do bring new motives to the soundwaves.” says BOBE. Despite the Trance music is being so different than the House and Techno, he still manages to find the niche. Started with pure Trance back in the days, now BOBE is presenting an interesting approach twisted by his prism, while leading the crowd to an unforgettable adventure! “Trance was the start for me and still is my favourite, despite the Bulgarian stage is highly Techno minded. I used to listen to only Trance music, yet have always stayed open to the diversity of genres in the industry. Therefore, my vision broadened and I decided to venture into the House and Techno as well, which is definitely not a bad thing, as long as you do not forget where you have started from!"


Resident of the ex-organisation Tranc3motion, BOBE used to have immense success with his colleagues. He has been playing on one stage with names like: Alex di Stefano (Italy), Ruben de Ronde (Netherlands), Menno de Jong (Netherlands), RAM (Netherlands), Aly & Fila (Egypt), Orjan Nilsen (Norway), Airwave (Belgium), Orkidea (Finland), Solarstone (UK). Now, in 2018, after the closing of the company, he takes on his own musical journey. “One of the best stage performances I ever had was with Orjan Nilsen. It was an immense party and an unforgettable, vibrant experience, feeling the bond between the DJs and the cloud of people dancing at the club!” If you go to one of his parties, you would hear the medley sounds, with retro, present and future elements, bringing the real cultural meaning of the music with himself! Looking forward to BOBE’s new projects and DJ realisation!

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