ON THE ROW: Feral Creatures

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UK’s West Midlands should be proud not just with Jaguar and their luxury vehicles, when on the electronic music stage is the duo of two young producers and wonderful performers. The “Peaky Blinders” of the House and Techno music, synchronising themselves in a perfect harmony – Feral Creatures, or Samuel Proctor and Matt Green. Meeting within the small Coventry nightlife scene, Matt & Sam share the love of music and music creation! When they met, those two friends were the last to think that their music passion would lead them a step forward to the professional stage. Life isn’t scarce with its gifts, especially with the strong bond between them two and there is Feral Creatures, the name that unites them into one full sensational experience.

With both of them having a solid musical background, Matt is having a Music Production diploma. He has been DJ-ing for over 20 years and is the owner of several record shops, and producer of the thematic event “Forward”. Sam on the other hand studied Music Composition and is working in the entertainment industry, running several successful bars and clubs in Coventry for the past 10 years.


By fusing their sounds of House and the Techno stage, Feral Creatures emerges with a creative and appealing music approach towards the devoted rave audience. The famous UK duo creates an art for the ears, which was supported by several of the most influential DJs and Producers across the 7 continents, such as Darren Emerson, Terry Francis, Timo Garcia, Flashmob, Javi Bora, as well as featured in several global radio stations for electronic music. Whether it is House, Techno or anything else similar to its sounds in between the two cultural waves, Feral Creatures love nothing more than mixing between genres in their productions and live sessions.