Goofy – Another MusicRow DJ to make the month of July fresh and bright

Music does know no borders! There are satellites in the space playing music from around the world, of different cultures and nationalities. Goofy’s music is not still levitating in space, yet that my happen one day! And as the music knows no reach, so does the friendship between the family members of MusicRow. Call it a fate, destiny or however you want it, but these guys are managing to surprise us from CUSTOM° once again, each one individually, not only with their music but their stories and pure intentions. Goofy is a young and talented DJ performer from the capital city of Sofia, Bulgaria and a co-founder of MusicRow. Before becoming a DJ, he was only an event producer and organiser, building up magnificent events for MusicRow!


With less than a year of professional experience up to date, Goofy manages to attract our attention. Learning daily by himself behind the deck and with the help of his friends, Goofy is showing an immense success in his music career. “I was so impatient, waiting someone to pop at home and to show them what have I learned today! No intentions to stop doing it, as well. Soon I am starting with my personal projects and production and am really in the mood of the music!” With slightly similar sounding to his friend Peter Petkov, Goofy also does bring the summer vibes with him. The more, the merrier! It is summer after all. “Our music taste is different, but on a B2B sessions we are always in a good synchro!” Influenced not only by tech-house artists, but the techno culture in its solid state, the young DJ does implement a notch of it, playing a bit more rough music, which is always welcomed by the Bulgarian audience. “I do mix with my heart and am sure, that soon, when I start producing I would sell my soul to this! The crowd appreciation is the ultimate experience and is the most pleasant feeling.” Despite the numerous Elrow Festivals behind his back together with Peter Petkov, Goofy is in love with the Sunwaves Festival – the Balkan Ibiza and dreams on reaching the stage one day. Being his first summer season in his career as a DJ, Goofy is bringing a lot of surprises to his audience and the followers of MusicRow! If you are along the Black Sea coast, do not miss a party of his and if it is too far for you, just wait September to come and to experience the ultimate autumn event back in Sofia, presented by Goofy and his wonderful music family. A person can only admire their dedication!