ON THE ROW: Keepin It Heale

A second UK duo to perform at ON THE ROW. Looking forward towards the future Kings of Digital!

In 16th century Newcastle was among the largest havens in UK for sailors, pirates, merchants and shipbuilders. Nowadays it is a modern city, home of many young and talented musicians, as well as within the TOP 10 nightlife spots on many guides in UK for culture, lifestyle and music. The city got a Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Destination Awards for European Nightlife destinations. It comes often within TOP 10 in the world as well and is confirmed to have the most events per student population in the UK. And aside the many other talented artists from this city, we are going to accent on two ex-separate acts, currently working as a duo – Keepin It Heale! A fresh and outrageously passionate performance, the spark and the link between the music and the students in Newcastle! Sean and Dan, that’s them.


The one half of the duo is Sean – a passionate young man, with a peculiar interest in sports and music. A great symbiosis between the active and healthy live and the more laid back and still active music world. Despite his sports accomplishments are outstanding, we would be talking about his artistic side and his music. Sean starts getting into the music during his mid teenage years, while bringing some SoundCloud attention to himself. Gigs and parties all over the local electronic stage, bringing live to the dance floor and the nightlife of the city is what followed not long from his initial start of the career as a DJ. Dan on the other hand is the music man with a background. Been playing a guitar for several years, his feeling tells that it is not his piece of cake. A year older than Sean, Dan started producing music about the same time at the age of 12 or 13. With the initial interest with the harder electronic beats like Dubstep or Big Room, he managed to pierce and get popular around this region of UK. By the age of 19 he already had the experience with producing and redirected himself towards the Deep House and Tech House, which is something that is more popular currently in UK. Exploring a new horizon of music that a person never expected to like that much is the inertia and the drive to go further and to develop into a better experience. With a degree in sports and outstanding DJ-ing skills and a degree in music and music productions that makes anybody thrilling from joy, Sean and Dan had the opportunity to play together in a local club, from where their true friendship began. “We had this evening together and had one of the most remembering experience back then. It was fun and since it ended pretty well, without even knowing each other that much from before, we decided to try the world as a duo. Nowadays we got separate gigs pretty rarely and we try to stick together, it is more fun playing together with someone and we do feel more creative and alive.” say Keepin It Heale.

With the young duo’s plan of releasing two remixes per week and 3 original tracks they already got in the past year, Keepin It Heale are often draining an inspiration from traveling around the country or abroad, visiting various of the festivals in UK and playing music at Digital Newcastle (45-th from TOP 100 of DJMAG). You would be seeing them even more lately, as they are constantly expanding their horizons, finding time for music and for sports, bringing their vibes to several radio stations, one of them being the famous Capital FM broadcasting all over the UK. And as Sean and Dan are chasing their current level of dreams to broaden their network and play abroad for a first time or on a major festival we are sure that this would happen soon. As ON THE ROW Sessions just began this month (to be uploaded in two weeks) and are aiming to present the best rising DJs around the world, you could be sure that Keepin It Heale would be taking part of it sooner or later! Be sure to track them on the social media and follow them. Keepin It Heale are not just one of the most passionate team we have seen, showing it through their music, but they are the future Kings of Digital.