ON THE ROW: Mendeler

Another performer, another review! The clubbing night owl of the Polish Electronic Music stage!!!

Recently we met with various artists from abroad, some in person and some online. This would be reviewing an artist and performer from the second type, who we hope soon to know in person!!! Szymon Palejko a.k.a. Mendeler carries over 12 years of industry experience with him. Gdansk, Poland, based musician has been playing his own unique twist of high energy House and Tech-House Music throughout the years and keeps true to his style. Applying his own branded musical influences from differing backgrounds, Mendeler keeps playing at some of the most prominent venues on both, the local and the national scenes, including some of the most renown – Opener Festival, Smolna, Sfinks700, Luzztro!


Among being a promoter and a music performer, Mendeler have constantly been playing shoulder to shoulder with some of the biggest names on the Electronic Music industry. During his residencies in clubs and venues all around the country, he was hosting events with stunning heavy weight acts like: Ame,Henrik Schwartz, Claptone, Alexander Robotnick, Robosonic, Copyright, Mario Basanov, Lovebirds and many others, worth going to and experience their sensation for the Electronic Music! Dragging the chronological line closer to the present, Mendeler gains more experience as a DJ and promoter, due to his passionate and open character, desire, and love for music! This leads him to his next achievement, signing to OneFold DGTL and Bodhi Collective by AudioPhile Music Group, organisations worth checking out. The public can expect some more original releases and big remixes coming out in 2019.

As we are writing this review, just before our upcoming event tonight (09.02.2019), so is Mendeler preparing for his own performance later this evening, together with the big name and star from Berlin - Anja Schneider. Expect to see more from his unique etiquette in the not-too-distant future!!!