ON THE ROW: Peter Petkov

Peter Petkov - Special Guest Mix for 1 year of CUSTOM°

Some people try to leave the smaller cities and head to the capital or other megapolises, while many from this cluster are trying to escape it. Peter Petkov is a guy from the first type of people, born in Nessebar, a small and beautiful city at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast - a city famous during the summer time for its rich nightlife culture. From an early age he starts to perform on the stage at small beach clubs around his hometown and the famous summer resort Sunny Beach. Soon after, his passion and dedication led him to perform at some of the renowned clubs at the capital city - Sofia. His performances abroad are also not rare and one of the most remarkable being Halkidiki Adventure – Music Festival held in Greece. Master of the Tech-House music, from early age Peter is influenced mostly by artists like Marco Carola, Marc Maya, Nic Fanciulli, De La Swing and others. “It ain’t a secret that this is one of the most fast phasing sub-genres of the electronic dance music. Most of all, I do love the energy and the symbiosis of body, and soul, which transcends over any other music, as well as the facial expressions of the people, when they hear the “dirty” bass line ripping off the dance floor. The Tech-House is not a movement, it is a mix of a heavenly atmosphere and environment, combined with the emotions of all the participants. This music makes me feel alive again and again, every time I do play it or listen to it!”


Founder and resident of the music organisation MusicRow, Peter Petkov shared the stage with other DJs like Neverdogs, Miguel Bastida, Simone Liberali, Alvaro AM, Dexon and Marco C. He also shared his console with some of the most prominent DJs in Bulgaria – Pacho & Pepo, Pavel Petrov, DeepJak, Shosho, Andrez, Boryana, Peppou, Marsel Rohas, Izabella, Emvade, Yory and many, many more. “Playing with famous names like them is an honour for me, yet the ideal party experience is when the crowd is the main part of the show, it is the centre of all the attention by me and they can feel it. After all, the reason to visit events is to change our usual surroundings and feel different than our day to day basis, and of course this should be accompanied with good music. I am happy, that together with my truthful friends, we managed to create the electronic music events company MusicRow, which develops the Tech-Hause and enriches the electronic music culture in Bulgaria.” With a desire to play at Elrow one day, Peter Petkov brings the wild and funky mood into his formidable mixing style, presenting a fresh alternative music to the Bulgarian clubs. If you want to feel Ibiza, Barcelona or the whole Spain in your veins, while dancing, we from CUSTOM° strongly advise you to give a go on one of his next events this summer. We can guarantee you that the heat you would radiate is not from absorbing the sun beams, but from the great emotions gained at the event.