ON THE ROW: Petko Petkov

Petko Petkov - the knight of black and white, Deep Techno and Deep House!

Bulgaria is not one of the leading electronic music stages. It has YALTA CLUB and several major festivals around the country, hosting many parties for international DJs. Many DJs stated that they had the best experience felt on stage, exactly here in Bulgaria. And despite that we ain’t leaders, we got many innovative producers or DJs, one of them being Petko Petkov, a young and fired up performer, bringing thrilling sensations at the club and with his online mixes. Inspired generally from the Dubstep with more specific dark sounding, at age of 16 (currently 25) Petko, decides to experiment and mix for the first time, giving a try to the Dubstep music at that time. Moody! That’s Petko and his music preferences, going from Dubstep and D&B to the House and Techno, meeting somewhere in between with his most preferred and favourite music. Could say that he is at his native biome, when is performing in front of people, managing to balance his own preferences and the crowd’s desires! His way of looking at things is open minded being one person for himself and his online mixes and another on the stage in front of the crowd. “I am often experimenting and finding new interesting ways to mix!” says Petko. He creates a new sounding, which lifts the crowd or keep it at the exact mood – either uplifted or dark and deep, still fresh! Petko is twisting the ordinary and identical tunes perspective, bringing fresh air to the world of electronic music.


Petko is part of the House of Music, another smaller community, yet growing and blooming with music. He ain’t ever playing without his colleague at the club, but their stories are so rich and different that each of them deserves its own article. You may look forward for more from House of Music soon!