ON THE ROW: VeselinPetroff

VeselinPetroff – The foreign face of London’s nightlife.

When a person gets to its teen years, a whole new world of curiosity appears in front. Some go doing extreme sports, skating, graffiti and some dwell onto the music. At the end, whatever you choose, the sound is the ultimate motivator and sense for keep doing it. VeselinPetroff is a name in the electronic music industry, which you might have not heard of till now, yet the following might just change your mind, if you are not an experimenter or you are afraid of the unknown! His music path starts at young teenage year, when curious for the music production he begins to read, study and practice at home. Probably most DJs started in a similar way, but not many had the privilege to be supported emotionally by their friends. Having a friend to believe in you more than yourself is a great deal indeed. Been resident at several bar clubs in his home town of Ruse, mostly playing deep house tunes, but nowadays at the age of 23 he lives in London, having the change of home residence to change his music style as well, shaping it with a UK manner. Getting inspired by Mark Knight, Agent Greg, Serge Devant, D. Ramirez and nowadays by the nightlife culture of England, Veselin presents us a formidable compilation of House Music, getting the hang of the retro moment and the tech, a gamut of colourful, musical emotions.


Not with a big travelling history behind his back, he knows that London is the place to be for himself. The immense audience you get there brings up the illustrious clubs and festivals upfront many European others, opening a vast and beautiful stage diversity to act and perform. You can check Veselin’s SoundCloud monthly series Imagination and get to know more of his music production as well. More of a producer, than a DJ, while in UK, he is getting to be known around the city of London in the last half year, while getting inspired by his current favourites Josh Butler, Weiss, Wayne Madiedo,Hauswerks, Doorly and many more, who influences his musical taste! As for his dream, his answer is unclear and this might be due to the magical atmosphere and diversity the city brings to the artists, so many things to do and we still have only one life…

Starting from November you might be seeing more of his amazing work even on video on Matchless Music TV and his media channels, as well as you should be waiting for his party big party in London.