Once upon a time… and then…

With a year full of marvellous adventures passed already, on this double holiday for CUSTOM°, it gets its first birthday and is celebrating the Children’s Day. With a throwback exactly 365 days ago, CUSTOM° was created in Sofia, Bulgaria on a fine night…probably with a cocktail in hand and good friends around. The time between June, 1st and 25th of August, 2017 was not one of the most admirable. We were just trying to get into the electronic music culture of Bulgaria after spending all of the previous party years in UK. Developing ideas, planning and creating our logo after several unfortunate tries led to our first event ever as CUSTOM° on 26th of August at Fabrica 126, having Noise Force & Boyan Spasov as main DJs, warmed up by Dimerous Voice. No website, no social media, we were directed towards the ideas of being yet another event organisation in Bulgaria. That changed 4 days later!

Image by Aleks Georgiev

On 30th of August, CUSTOM° took on a new way, taking over Matchless Music TV – a rapid growing YouTube electronic music community. Since then, you could check the advancement of the channel, currently presenting a steady and professional looking visual effects. We do aim to upload as much as we can, without missing a day, having an ON THE ROW episode weekly, both, on Matchless Music and at CUSTOM x MAG. Having few more events meanwhile, the time came to actually create this website in early April, 2018. Currently aiming on at least two articles per week, CUSTOM x MAG up to time have noted 4 ON THE ROW episodes (5th one coming within a day or two, while the new ON THE ROW episode is currently live on YouTube) and few other significant and remarkable, worth noticing features of the local and foreign electronic stage.

Throwback to the original Matchless Music logo.

The day is 1st of June and ahead of us, you could await only better and better things. Looked back behind our shoulder, now look forward and stay tuned for the new upcoming projects. By the end of the year we do aim to finish our recording studio, bringing our personalisation to another level. You could also expect our own, personal video production for a part of the regular music videos. Working with various people from the electronic music industry, we do bring the opportunities to our followers to get informed, listen to music of the best quality and be part of something new and innovative. We are not just another event company, but actually supporting other music communities, working simultaneously with artists, clubs and organisations, bringing joy to people’s faces. Stay on the row with us for the upcoming summer period, when we would experiment with new technologies and ideas, being a good appetiser for you, before actually present you our bigger project we are working on!